Appreciating diversity – gender and cultural issues (wersja papierowa)

Tom II

Cena: 44.80

Chybicka Aneta
Kaźmierczak Maria

Wydanie I, Kraków 2008, Format B5, Objętość 428 stron, Oprawa miękka, klejona

ISBN: 978-83-7308-901-3

This is the second volume of a two volumes series on cultural and gender issues. While the first volume concentrated mainly on the different manifestations of cultural encounters (e.g. acculturation processes of immigrants and cultural differences in close interpersonal relationships) this book places gender issues into the focus in an exciting and original way. Are there, in fact, gender differences or they are the result of perceptional illusion or social construction? How somebody is perceived who does not behave according to the stereotypical expectations of her/his gender? Is there a third gender? How Arabic men living in Poland construct their masculinity? Does smiling have any effect on attraction in Internet relationships in different cultures? Do Polish young adults differ from Spanish in terms of their estimation of physical attractiveness? Are men and women different in their social convictions? What kind of male gender role expectations are there in close relationships in Egypt, Germany and Poland? Arc cultures different in terms of violence against women? Are there specific cultural factors contributing to violence against women in Poland? Does being sexually abused make a difference between women going through a personal crisis?

The answers can be found in the 16 chapters written mainly by Polish authors showing the colourful variety and high quality of work done in the crossroad of gender and culture in Poland. Therefore together with the previous volume this book is a must and a valuable learning material for those who are interested in cultural and gender issues both for personal and professional reasons.



Prof. Márta Fülöp


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