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Szempruch Jolanta

Wydanie I, Kraków 2010, Format B5, Objętość 146 stron, Oprawa miękka, klejona, folia matowa

ISBN: 978-83-7587-390-0

In the current social situation it is both school roles and the means of educational operation that are subject to change. School generates internal changes and reacts to transformations in various fields outside. It should foster the development of an individual, his/her attitudes and skills that constitute conceptual, critical and creative thinking as well as his/her ability to manage own development and the choice of life path. It is to introduce values into the world, pass on and popularize the achievements of science and disseminate cultural wealth. (…)

School is becoming a strategic institution for the society that is informational, knowledge-based and engaged in lifelong learning. The core of its existence lies not only in knowledge transfer, but most importantly in teaching the skill of living in a world of multiplicity and informational contradictions as well as in a world of conflict of values and interests. (…)

In the new educational context the teacher is assigned the role of a creator and executor of changes in the educational process. (…)Creative and engaged in the transformation processes, the teacher is becoming the pillar of modern school and faces new tasks meant to make school more attractive and equip students with tools necessary to understand the learning society (…)

This publication is divided into two parts. The first part depicts the transformations that determine the operation of contemporary school and education. The problems presented magnify the issues of social and educational changes that take place in the contemporary school. It reveals the challenges that a school faces and describes the transformations of its model which facilitate completion of new tasks.

The second part depicts matters that pertain to changes and challenges associated with professional activity of a teacher. He/she should organize the didactic-educational process according to the modern principles of education policy and practice as well as effectively fulfill the roles and tasks that lead to creative participation in social life. The teacher should also show young individuals the way to independence and responsibility in seeking and understanding their own place in the world. The articles presented here have been previously published in Polish journals and collective works. They have been elaborated and modified to consider the changing educational realities. The need to compile these papers so that the presented reflections may be synthesized and may encourage continuous exploration and the necessity to improve school operation and teacher activity are beyond dispute.

      The publication is addressed to all those who are interested in school and teacher activity in a time marked by dynamic social changes. Therefore, the readership is likely to include those who are professionally associated with education – teachers, school principals, subject instructors, research workers, members of the school supervisory body and educational administrators as well as current and prospective students in teacher training institutions. Due to the social importance of the issues discussed here, the publication may become a source of inspiration to all Readers who are interested in school improvement and pedagogical progress and independently seek innovative solutions in this matter. 



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